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Julien Khadaroo, Managing Director

October 2020                                  




Harley Medical Services Ltd (HMSL) strongly advocates social inclusion and remains committed to aupporting the economic, social and cultural success of the clients and communities that it serves.


We continue to ensure that our business practices, policies and activities contribute, as far as possible, to the sustainable and positive development of all of our clients and communities; whether local, national and international.


The four cornerstones of our of our corporate social responsibility are:

  • community engagement

  • employee relations and human rights

  • environmental practice

  • ethical conduct in business.


This mission statement for HMSL combines these elements into three parts:


  1. HMSL and Sustainability

  2. HMSL and its Staff

  3. HMSL and the Wider Community


Strategic benefits for HMSL include:


  • The recruitment and retention of staff who are increasingly empowered in their work and proud to work for HMSL

  • The enhancement of our external reputation as a respected employer

  • Assurance for business partners who want to engage with a responsible organisation

  • The continuation of our good relations with medical and nursing communities, plus continued recruitment of staff and students from those communities

  • Consolidation of our excellent ratings within our field of operation

  • Engagement with the local and national agendas for environmental action and carbon reduction in the medical and recruitment sectors, which will in turn improve our ‘green’ reputation and our placing in relevant league tables

  • Less easily measurable benefits, which come from inspiring and engaging our nursing communities by showcasing our work and by hosting debate and dialogue


Mission Statement


HMSL and Sustainability


HMSL will:


  1. Support and promote ongoing work in the field of sustainability and environmental awareness


  1. Actively promote sustainability knowledge and environmental awareness across HMSL


  1. Actively support the 2020 carbon reduction strategy and to agree specific targets for HMSL


  1. Reduce waste, recycle and dispose in an environmentally sustainable manner, making recycling facilities available across the campus



HMSL and its Staff


HMSL will sustain its core values within its own working environment, by:


  1. Placing emphasis on consultation and inclusion amongst staff at all levels


  1. Actively encouraging and supporting consultation and inclusion of staff by all line managers


  1. Remaining committed to equality, diversity and social inclusion


  1. Being a caring, fair and supportive institution which continually adapts to changing needs


  1. Developing and empowering staff to continually enhance organisational performance


  1. Valuing both team-work and the expertise and contribution of individuals


  1. Fostering innovation and enterprise and actively seeking to work in partnership


  1. Nurturing staff to help them develop the confidence to celebrate and promote both their individual contribution and the achievements and wider successes of HMSL



HMSL and the Wider Community


HMSL will contribute effectively to the economic, social and cultural success of the communities served by HMSL, by:


  1. Supporting local business wherever possible by actively forging and continuing links and by ensuring the prompt payment of invoices, to alleviate economic pressure


  1. Remaining actively committed to social inclusion and to widening participation


  1. Developing active engagement with our own staff as well as our clients, candidates, nursing and medical communities, in the interests of inclusion and participation


  1. The ongoing development of our Revalidation Assistance programme to assist our nurses and the wider nursing community in CDP and revalidation.


  1. Supporting community relations and provision, including facilities and programmes for sports and wellbeing in the community


  1. Maintaining excellent standards in support, advice and guidance for our nurses.


  1. Internationalising HMSL through the development of links and programmes, to provide an inclusive experience for international nurses and greater international and intercultural awareness for nurses in the UK



Appendix: Current and previous specific actions supporting the mission statement


HMSL and Sustainability


  • The work of the UCET Environment Advisory Group in the formation and implementation of a range of policies such as the Environment Policy,the Energy Policy, the Waste Strategy, the Tranpoart Plan, and the Carbon Management Plan and the establishment of Environmant Champions

  • The initiative and the development of new courses in SAM incorporating eco-design and sustainability

  • Ongoing programmes to improve recycling and to reduce waste

  • Cycle2Work scheme


HMSL and its Staff


  • Maintaining our initiative that focuses on the consultation and involvement of staff in the evolution of our corporate responsibility policies.

Harley Medical Services Ltd  - CORPORATE  SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTY (CSR)- MISSION STATEMENT - Version 1.0.1 Approved by the board on 21.01.2022. © Harley Medical Services Ltd 2022

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