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In recent months, a spotlight has been thrown on the potential financial exploitation of care workers recruited from overseas to work in private care facilities in the UK. 

We're committed to doing all we can to help stamp out this unethical practice and following consultation with a number of anti-slavery organisations, we have developed ETHICOR, a system designed to root out the financial exploitation of candidates coming from overseas.

Alarming stories of candidates arriving in the UK weighed down with debt as a result of overcharging somewhere along their journey have amplified, often with the end client having no idea these payments had been made until after the candidate is in post.

ETHICOR has been developed to protect the welfare of the candidates and to mitigate the risk to employers of unwittingly taking on employees from overseas who may be overburdened through financial exploitation.


The system promotes transparency of all sums paid by candidates throughout the overseas recruitment process, avoiding overcharging and giving peace of mind to all employers. It offers a safer way to recruit from overseas in the full knowledge that each and every employee has been treated with the care and respect they deserve giving them the best possible start to their new life and career in the UK.

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If you're interested in protecting the welfare of your candidates and reducing the risk to your organisation, please complete the form below and we will reach out with more information.

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Cascading transparency

Ethicor requires every agency in our supply chain to commit to our code of conduct which includes open book accounting and a right to audit. Ethicor automatically cascades that commitment regardless of how remote the connection.

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