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Thinking of working in the UK?

What's involved?

The idea of emigrating from your country origin to the UK as a trained nursing professional or care worker, working in the NHS or private healthcare is certainly very appealing and so the number of people applying is significant. The United Kingdom is a beautiful country, culturally diverse, steeped in history, technically advanced and offers a very comfortable and enjoyable way of life.

Combine all this with its abundant career opportunities and it’s perhaps no surprise that there is a constant stream of qualified nurses from India seeking to obtain visas to work in UK.

Harley Medical is proud to be able to offer a fast track opportunity to make the process of moving to the UK as a qualified faster, easier and less risky. Click here to find our more.

|   Why do nurses from India come to the UK?

By far the most attractive aspect of working in the UK for overseas nurses is the National Health Service. The sheer number of vacancies coupled with the very attractive benefits packages that come with NHS jobs, makes it a prime target.

Couple this with the UK's beautiful countryside, rolling hills, golden beaches or the exciting, bustling and fast-paced cities, packed with things to do, the UK offers a true feeling of freedom for nurses thinking of resettling here.

With our diverse culture, excellent education system, free healthcare and easily accessible support for families in need, it’s perhaps no surprise that nurses coming over from India can quickly and easily settle in and find the comforting reassurance of many of their familiar comforts of home in whichever  local community they choose to settle.

This makes the prospect of resettling  from India an exciting and compelling adventure and every year, we help thousands of qualified nurses from India obtain visas to come to the UK to  work, many of whom include.

|   What do you need to qualify as a nurses to work in the UK?

1.  You must be a fully qualified

You will need to be  fully qualified nurse with a nursing degree and at least one years experience working as a nurse.

Before you can apply to work in the UK as a qualified nurse, you will need to obtain an NMC personal identification number. (NMC PIN) for which there are there are two key additional requirements .  

2.  You need good English language skills

To work in the UK healthcare sector it is essential that you can speak, read and write English to a sufficient standard.

In order to prove your proficiency in English, you will need to take one of two exams. Either the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Your IELTS or the OET (Occupational English Test) OET - English language test for healthcare professionals (

These tests vary significant so it’s important to choose the correct test.

The IELTS has multiple versions, so you will need to ensure that  you take the correct exam.

3.  To work as a qualified nurse in the UK you will eventually need to pass the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

The Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) creates some of the healthcare scenarios that nurses and midwives in the NHS are likely to encounter when delivering care to patients and includes six stations, four of which assess a nurse or midwife’s assessment knowledge and understanding as well as their ability to plan, implement and evaluate care. The last two stations test clinical skills.

Training time for the OSCE will vary depending on the individual NHS Trust you work for. You will have two attempts to pass the examination and may attempt the exam for a third time if you do not pass the first two attempts. Should you fail three attempts, you will be required to return to your home country. For this reason, Harley Medical strongly recommends waiting until you have passed the OSCE before moving any family members over to the UK.

|    Harley Medical Fast Track Opportunity

Obtaining the necessary English Language qualifications to work in the healthcare or social care sectors in the United Kingdom can take considerable time. To speed up the process of coming to the UK we offer qualified nurses the opportunity to begin their career in the UK by working the care sector as a Senior Carer while they obtain the necessary qualifications to work as a qualified nurse.

The Harley Medical Fast Track process also helps you with all of the additional processes such as your visa application, securing your Certificate of Sponsorship and ultimately obtaining your NMC PIN.  

We also organise your flights, arrange your accommodation and assist you in many other ways such as arranging your bank account, mobile phone contract etc to ensure you settle in quickly.

This provides an excellent opportunity for nurses to transition more quickly, gain valuable experience working for a leading UK healthcare provider and earn while you learn. Salaries start at £20,480 a year.

Fill in the form below to let us know you are interested in working in the UK.

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