Harley Medical Services Ltd

Employee Terms & Conditions (V2.3 2021)

This document sets out the terms and condition to which personnel working for Harley Medical Services Limited must agree and adhere to. 

The role of Harley Medical Services Limited, as a health and social care provider, is to place health professionals into temporary, permanent and contract positions. Our  client’s include both NHS Trusts and private sector establishments.

We have a responsibility to our clients – and most importantly their patients - to provide staff of the highest professional standards. We take this responsibility very seriously and therefore make every effort to ensure we attract staff of the highest quality.

We recognise too, our responsibility to our staff. You may rest assured that we will always endeavour to place you into the most appropriate locations by carefully matching your skills and qualifications with the requirements of our clients. We hope, whilst working with Harley Medical, that you will have opportunities to improve and enhance your levels of competence and are able to progress within your chosen career.

Patients safety is at risk because of natural attrition, under supply, unrelenting demand, delays in the recruitment process. 


1.    Our Code of Conduct

1.1.    We at Harley Medical pride ourselves on our high standards of integrity and professionalism. We therefore expect our staff to uphold our values, and those of their profession, by behaving with respect, courtesy and consideration, being punctual and of good appearance. We ask this not only in our interests, but those of our clients and, ultimately, the patients.

1.2.    Before commencing work, our staff are required to attend an induction course, to include training in Health and Safety and Basic Life Support.

1.3.    All staff are required to act in accordance with the policies and procedures as laid out in this handbook and to  familiarise themselves with the individual policies and procedures of our clients.

1.4.    If any procedures are not identified to you (i.e. Health and Safety, Administration of Medicines, Security and Fire) you should seek advice from your line manager and, if necessary, from your Harley Medical consultant.

1.5.    Our nurses, midwives and health visitors must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and therefore abide by their Code of Professional Conduct (www.nmcuk.org). Midwives should be aware of the Intention of Practice as set by the NMC

1.6.    ODPs should be registered with the Health Professionals Council and abide by their Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics (www.hpc-uk.org).

1.7.    In order to maintain correct professional boundaries, we stipulate that our staff should not:

1.7.1.    Accept any gifts or loans from patients or relatives.
1.7.2.    Witness the Will of any patient, either current or former.
1.7.3.    Give any gifts or loans to patients or clients.
1.7.4.    Take care of any patient’s or client’s property.
1.7.5.    Our staff must comply with the procedures of our clients in the handling of money and property belonging to patients.
1.7.6.    Our staff must establish clear sexual boundaries with all patients and their relatives.
1.8.    Your professional judgement should not be influenced by any commercial factors. It is important that your registration status is not used for the promotion of commercial products or services.

1.9.    In your professional role, you should be aware that advice given on any product or service could be misconstrued as an endorsement of that product.

1.10.    Be aware of your own limitations and seek advice when unsure. Any duty or responsibility that falls outside your level of competence should be declined.

1.11.    In order to be ready for handover, we ask our staff to arrive 10 minutes in advance of the start of their shift. Please carry your NMC (UKCC) PIN or HPC card with you at all times.
1.12.    Accidents and incidents should be reported to your line manager and to Harley Medical.

1.13.    If you find any assignment unsuitable for you, please let us know and we will find you an alternative placement.
2.    Personal Appearance

2.1.    Your consultant will advise you of uniform requirements. You will be provided with a Harley Medical uniform which must be returned to us at the end of your employment. Your final payment will not be given until we have received your uniform.

2.1.1.    Your uniform and Harley Medical badge should always be worn.
2.1.2.    Your uniform should always be clean.
2.1.3.    Your hair should be worn off your shoulders.
2.1.4.    Nails should be short and unvarnished.
2.1.5.    Acrylic nails are not permitted.
2.1.6.    No jewellery apart from a wedding ring should be worn

3.    Placements

3.1.    When a suitable placement becomes available we will contact you with all the relevant details. You will be advised of the rate of pay when offered a placement and any training issues will be discussed with you by your Harley Medical consultant.

3.2.    Should your placement be cancelled we will notify you as soon as possible and try to find you an alternative placement. Please call the office immediately if cancellation occurs after you have arrived at the location and have your timesheet signed by the client.

3.3.    If you find you are unable to attend work, please let us know as soon as possible. If your illness persists for more than seven days, you should submit a medical certificate. Failure to comply with these rules could result in loss of payment or disciplinary action.

3.4.    After a period of sickness, Harley Medical may require a medical examination with an independent medical practitioner in order to ensure your fitness to work.

4.    Training

4.1.    Prior to your first placement, your Harley Medical consultant will discuss any training requirements with you. As well as training in Health and Safety and Basic Life Support, some clients may require training in paediatric life support and physical restraint. We will usually discuss these with you on an annual basis.

5.    CRB Check

5.1.    It is a legal requirement for Harley Medical to obtain a criminal record Enhanced Disclosure for all staff before commencing their first placement.

5.2.    A clear Police Check is required from the country of origin of all staff who have entered the UK within the last six months, which should be dated within the last three months. Your Harley Medical consultant can provide you with further information if required.

5.3.    Staff must have current eligibility to work in the UK. Harley Medical should be informed at once if your right to work status changes.

6.    Your Health

6.1.    As well as the health questionnaire you have already completed, Harley Medical are required to carry out Occupational Health screening, which must be updated annually. The client may also request a medical examination before you commence work.
6.2.    It is in your own interests, as well as those of the patients, that you are fit to practice. You must inform your consultant of any illnesses and infections, especially diarrhoea and vomiting or ear, nose and throat infections.

6.3.    In the interests of health and safety, we are required to perform a risk assessment for all expectant mothers. You must therefore, let us know if you become pregnant.

6.4.    Medical advice should be sought immediately if you believe you may have been exposed to HIV infection. You are obliged to inform both Harley Medical and the client if this is the case. Further information is available on the Department of Health website www.dh.gov.uk.

7.    Timesheets

7.1.    A separate timesheet must be used for each booking, signed by your line manager and yourself at the end of each shift and submitted on a weekly basis. We ask for timesheets to be submitted before mid-day every Tuesday, for payment on Fridays.

7.2.    To avoid any delays in payment, please ensure that your timesheet is fully completed with your name and that of the client. Any reference numbers should be written onto your timesheet along with the hours worked, minus any breaks. Please remember to leave a copy of your timesheet with your line manager and keep a copy for yourself.

7.3.    Any attempt to falsify information on your timesheet will be treated very seriously.

7.4.    Your personal timesheet with your name and payroll number may be photocopied and re-used as required. You will be advised of any changes to timesheet deadlines for Bank Holidays.
7.5.    Please inform Harley Medical immediately if a client approaches you directly for work. Some clients will not pay for work that is booked outside of their placement procedures.

8.    Working Time Directive


8.1.    Unless you opt out of the Working Time Directive, Harley Medical will try to ensure that you do not work more than 48 hours per week in any 17 week period.


9.    Insurance


9.1.    Harley Medical does not provide Personal Accident Insurance and would advise you to take out your own cover.

9.2.    Professional Indemnity Insurance is a requirement for midwives and is advised by Harley Medical for nurses. Further information can be found at:

9.2.1.    RCN    www.rcn.org.uk

9.2.2.    UNISON       www.unison.org.uk

9.2.3.    RCM    www.rcm.org.uk
10.    Continued Professional Development


10.1.    All staff are expected to maintain and improve their professional knowledge and expertise.

10.2.    As part of our commitment to supporting you in your professional development, Harley Medical recommends nurses, midwives and health visitors to read the PREP handbook available from www.nmc-uk.org.

10.3.    ODPs are advised to obtain CPD brochures from www.hpc-uk.org.


11.    Revalidation (Nurses and Midwives Only)


11.1.    Revalidation is the new process that all nurses and midwives in the UK will need to follow to maintain their registration with the NMC.

11.2.    Taking effect from April 2016, revalidation is straightforward and will help nurses and midwives demonstrate that they practice safely and effectively. It will encourage all qualified nurses to reflect on the role of the Code of Conduct in their daily practice and demonstrate that they are proactively living by the standards set out within it.

11.3.    This new process replaces the Prep requirements, and all nurses have to revalidate every three years to renew their registration. Harley Medical offer full revalidation support, for further information around this please speak to your Harley Medical             consultant.


12.    The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act


12.1.    This act was instigated in order to help ex-offenders who have not re-offended. Therefore, the offences of anyone who has undergone rehabilitation should not be taken into account when applying for work. There are, however, exceptions. When the position involves working with children or vulnerable people, all convictions must be revealed.

12.2.    We will inform prospective candidates of the need for disclosure and bear in mind the nature of any conviction and the relevance to the job in question. Whilst our main responsibility is towards our clients and their patients, we will try to remain objective during the recruitment process. Harley Medical are scrupulous in their compliance with the Data Protection Act when accessing criminal records.

12.3.    If you receive any warnings, cautions or convictions, Harley Medical must be informed.


13.    Confidentiality


13.1.    Confidentiality is of vital importance throughout the Medical Profession. Harley Medical, therefore, require all staff to maintain the highest levels of confidentiality and to be meticulous in protecting all confidential information.

13.2.    Breaches of confidentiality will be taken very seriously.

13.3.    Passwords should be kept securely and changed from time to time
13.4.    Any staff with access to personal data should be abide by the requirements of the Data Protection Act and be aware of their responsibilities with regard to patient-identifiable information.
13.5.    Should you suspect any breach of confidentiality, you should inform your line manager.
13.6.    Harley Medical staff are not authorised to make any statements to the media and any such requests should be referred to your Harley Medical consultant.
13.7.    If you are required by a client to use IT systems, you should abide by their guidelines and only use computer equipment when authorised to do so for work related purposes. Further information can be found on the NMC website www.nmc-uk.org or the HPC website www.hpc-uk.org.

14.    Your Personnel File


14.1.    Your Harley Medical Personnel File contains details such as your bank details, references, contact details and other personal matters such as your health. Your details are held for the purpose of payroll, staff administration and for staff planning. Occasionally it may be necessary to disclose data to clients, regulatory authorities or other relevant third parties. Your information will only be used for the specified purpose and will not be disclosed to other parties without your explicit consent.


15.    Intellectual Property


15.1.    Disclosure of any confidential information regarding Harley Medical and its clients acquired whilst working for Harley Medical is strictly forbidden, both during your employment or when your employment has ended. The term “Confidential Information” applies to copyrights, databases, trademarks and patents.


16.    Health and Safety


16.1.    It is the responsibility of all employees to be mindful of the requirements of the Health and Safety Act and ensure the correct use of any machinery and equipment. Any potential hazards should be reported to your line manager and your Harley Medical consultant.

16.2.    All staff have a duty to familiarise themselves with the evacuation procedures of their client and to abide by fire regulations. In the event of fire you should act immediately by calling emergency services. Do not attempt to extinguish a fire yourself.

16.3.    Waste disposal procedures must be followed at all times to ensure the safe disposal of any waste materials.

16.4.    In accordance with the requirements of The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences regulations (RIDDOR) all accidents involving staff or patients must be reported to your line manager. Any potential risk to the health and welfare of staff or patients should be reported to your Harley Medical consultant.

16.5.    You are forbidden to smoke while on duty.


17.    Discrimination


17.1.    Discrimination of any kind is unacceptable to Harley Medical, whether for age, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, colour or any other reason. Any allegations of discrimination will be taken very seriously.


18.    Complaints


18.1.    Should you encounter any complaints about your work, from colleagues, patients or relatives, you should immediately notify your line manager and your Harley Medical consultant. We would advise you to always remain calm and not to escalate the situation by over reacting. If handled correctly, complaints can usually be resolved without difficulty. Where a complaint cannot be settled locally, it should be reported to Harley Medical for investigation.

18.2.    Any complaints you may have about a client or our staff should be reported to your Harley Medical consultant. Any serious complaints about our service should be directed to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation www.rec.uk.com.

18.3.    Harley Medical’s Complaints Procedure is available on request.
19.    Child Protection / Safeguarding of Vulnerable Children


19.1.    The welfare and protection of children is of the utmost importance. Harley Medical requires all staff to abide by the Department of Health Guidance on multi-agency policies to ensure the protection of children from abuse and neglect of any kind. All health staff should be competent to recognise and understand the various forms of child abuse, to take appropriate action where necessary and be aware of the policies and procedures involved. A lack of communication and sharing of information between various agencies is known to have led to serious consequences. You should always report any concerns and seek advice when necessary. As well as those working directly with children, this applies to staff working with adults whose children could be at risk because of the health or behaviour of the parent. If you are unsure of any aspect of Child Protection please seek advice from your Harley Medical consultant.

19.2.    In order to maintain the highest quality standards Harley Medical Ltd ask that you complete the following courses as online Continued Professional Development training every year.

19.2.1.    Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults (SOVA) and Child Protection (SOCA) Level 2
19.2.2.    Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults (SOVA) and Child Protection (SOCA) Level 3

19.3.    To seek further clarification around the legislation and your responsibilities as a Healthcare staff member as a result of this policy (Safeguarding of vulnerable children) please speak to your Harley Medical Ltd Consultant, further clarity can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/safeguarding-children-and- young-people/safeguarding-children-and-young-people

19.4.    The NMC Website and the Department of Health’s Website also feature policy guidance and procedure
information to ensure you follow best practice.


20.    Protection of Vulnerable Adults


20.1.    Staff should report any concerns about the abuse or welfare of a vulnerable adult to their line manager and keep a record of the concern and the report, including when and to whom the report was made. You must also co-operate with any investigation while maintaining strict confidentiality and only sharing information on a “need to know” basis.

20.2.    Staff should be aware of the various signs of abuse, i.e.

20.2.1.    A person who appears nervous or withdrawn may have been subjected to verbal or psychological abuse.
20.2.2.    Unexplained marks or bruises may be indicative of rough handling or physical abuse.
20.2.3.    Soreness in the genital area may be a symptom of indecent assault.
20.2.4.    A person who appears unclean or inappropriately dressed may have been neglected or deprived of basic rights such as food or their medication.
20.2.5.    Financial abuse and theft can cause great worry to a vulnerable person, which can result in their becoming withdrawn.

20.3.    You should report to Harley Medical if you suspect any kind of abuse or neglect is occurring at your place of work.

20.4.    Any allegations of this sort against our staff will be taken extremely seriously. We will not offer you any work during the investigation and, if the allegations are proved, it may result in a referral to the Independent Safeguarding Authority. Any action by our staff which constitutes a criminal offence will be reported to the police.

20.5.    In order to maintain the highest quality standards Harley Medical Ltd ask that you complete the following courses as online Continued Professional Development training every year.
20.5.1.    Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults (SOVA) and Child Protection (SOCA) Level 2
20.5.2.    Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults (SOVA) and Child Protection (SOCA) Level 3

20.6.    To seek further clarification around the legislation and your responsibilities as a Healthcare staff member as a result of this policy (Safeguarding of vulnerable Adults) please speak to your Harley Medical consultant, further clarity can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/safeguarding-policy-protecting- vulnerable-adults

20.7.    The NMC Website and the Department of Health’s Website also feature policy guidance and procedure
20.8.    information to ensure you follow best practice.


21.    Malpractice and Unethical Behaviour


21.1.    If you suspect any malpractice, fraud or unethical behaviour at your place of work, or by another member of the Harley Medical team, you should report your concerns to Harley Medical for investigation.

21.2.    Fraud may include the falsification of timesheets or staff working in other jobs while on sick leave.

21.3.    In accordance with the Public Interest Disclosure Act, those who, in good faith, report corruption and malpractice (whistle blowers) have a statutory right to protection against dismissal or victimisation.


22.    Medication


22.1.    Only properly trained staff such as Registered Nurses or Midwives may administer medication and meticulous care should always be taken. Staff must:

22.2.    Check that the medication is recorded in the medication chart and ensure the identity of the patient before giving the medication.
22.3.    Be aware of the use of the drug and any contra-indications
22.4.    Check that the patient is not allergic to the medication.
22.5.    The expiry date of the medication should be checked.
22.6.    Clear and accurate records of the patient’s medication are essential, including any medication    withheld or refused.
22.6.2.    Any mistakes in record keeping should be scored through, initialed, and dated. Correction fluid is not permitted. It should be remembered that accurate records are required in the event of any queries about standards of care.
22.7.    On no account should any medication be given which has not been prescribed.
22.8.    No medicines should be given against the patient’s wishes and no alterations made in the dosage or    timing of medication.

22.9.      Any mistakes or concerns you may have about the administration of drugs should be reported immediately to your line manager and your Harley Medical consultant.
22.10.    Registered Nurses and Midwives should be familiar with the Nursing and Midwifery Council Guidelines for the management and administration of medicines, which are available at https://www.nmc.org.uk/standards/additional-standards/standards-for-medicines-management/. For specific information, Midwives should also refer to the NMC Midwives rules and conduct of practice.

22.11.    ODPs should be familiar with the AODP Standards of Good Practice Guidance in Relation to Controlled Drugs and the Safer Management of Controlled Drugs, as well as the Guide to Good Practice in Relation to Controlled Drugs, which are available at www.aodp.org
23.    Medical Records


23.1.    Accurate record keeping is essential in all aspects of the Medical Profession. Records should be written clearly in black ink, signed, timed and dated without delay. Records should be factual and not include any abbreviations or irrelevancies.

23.2.    Further information can be found at www.nmc-uk.org for www.aodp.org.


24.    Alcohol and Drug Misuse


24.1.    Harley Medical have a zero tolerance policy with regard to drug and alcohol misuse and will terminate the employment of any member of staff found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while at their place of work.


25.    Agency Workers Regulations


25.1.    In accordance with the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR), agency workers are entitled, after 12 weeks of service with the same client, working in the same role, to equal treatment with non-agency staff in regard to pay and some working conditions. Therefore, on completion of the qualifying period, amenities such as a canteen or childcare facilities should be available to you.

25.2.    The qualifying period does not necessarily mean 12 continuous weeks, so we would ask you to keep a record of your assignments with the client. Please ask your Harley Medical consultant for further details.

25.3.    There are additional provisions within the Regulations for pregnant and new mother agency workers. If you are pregnant or recently given birth, please let us know so that we can ensure you have the relevant information.


26.    Disciplinary Procedures


26.1.    Minor issues can usually be resolved by the Harley Medical consultant but more formal disciplinary action will be taken where a serious breach of conduct is concerned. Staff will be advised of the nature of the allegations and no action taken until these have been investigated. Staff will be given the opportunity to explain their case and submit any relevant documentation. At all stages of the procedure, staff may be accompanied by a colleague or a trade’s union official.


27.    Flexible Working


27.1.    A copy of the Flexible Working Policy and Procedure is available from your Harley Medical consultant. All parents have a statutory right to request flexible working hours in order to care for their children. Whilst Harley Medical will always endeavour to meet those requests, they may be instances where we are unable to do so.


28.    Grievances


28.1.    A Grievance Policy and Procedure is available from your Harley Medical consultant. Complaints and grievances are usually resolved in discussion with your Harley Medical consultant. If a resolution is not found, please put your grievance in writing.


29.    Maternity


29.1.    If you become pregnant while working for Harley Medical, you should inform us in writing as soon as possible and provide a Certificate of Expected Confinement signed by your GP or Midwife. Please refer to the Working Parents Policy for more details.
30.    Prevention of Sharps Injuries


30.1.    It is important to protect yourself and others from the potentially dangerous effects of sharps injuries. You should therefore be mindful of the risks involved and ensure that

30.2.    The correct gloves are worn
30.3.    Assistance is sought with a patient whose mental state or condition could present additional hazards
30.4.    Sharps are not passed from hand to hand
30.5.    Needles are not recapped, bent or disassembled
30.6.    All items are disposed of safely
30.7.    Sharps items are not disposed of within normal waste

30.8.    Sharps and needlestick injuries are notifiable under the terms of RIDDOR. You should also inform your Harley Medical consultant if you are injured.


31.    MRSA


31.1.    MRSA is a bacterial infection that is becoming difficult to treat with some antibiotics. In most cases, MRSA is a skin infection, such as a boil or abscess but could cause a very serious illness if the bacteria enters the bloodstream. Although MRSA is unlikely to occur in most healthy people, those in hospital are at more risk because entry points for bacteria, such as a surgical wound or intravenous tube. A weakened immune system can also increase the risk of MRSA, such as in newborn babies, the elderly or people with long term illnesses.

31.2.    MRSA can be spread through person to person contact, through clothing, towels and sheets that have been used by an MRSA infected person. It can be present on door handles, surfaces, toilet handles and floors.

31.3.    In order to minimise the threat of MRSA, we ask our staff to be scrupulously careful in their standards of hygiene. Frequent handwashing and the use of antiseptic solutions are important, as is the use of disposable gloves when changing dressings or using intravenous drips.

31.4.    For your own safety, we recommend that you are careful about any minor skin problems, such as a burn or cut and consult your doctor if you have a wound that becomes infected.


32.    C.Diff


32.1.    C.Diff (clostridium difficile) is a bacterium that occurs naturally in the gut of most people and normally causes no problems. However, when the balance of good bacteria is upset (usually by the use of antibiotics) the bacteria can multiply and cause fever and diarrhoea. Because of the link between C.Diff and antibiotics, such cases will usually occur in a hospital or care home. The majority of cases occur in elderly people and sometimes in people with long-term illnesses. Although a full recovery is made in most cases, the effects can be more serious and even fatal.

32.2.    C.Diff can spread very easily, particularly in a healthcare setting. Staff should always wear disposable gloves and aprons when caring for a patient who has C.Diff. Regular hand washing and the use of alcohol hand gel should be encouraged for staff, patients and their visitors.

32.3.    Toilets, bedpans and other surfaces that have come into contact with the bacteria should be cleaned thoroughly and disinfected.

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