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Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Nurse to care

Develop your own pipeline of qualified nurses whilst addressing the immediate need for excellent quality HCAs.

Patient and Nurse
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Harley Medical source and supply nurses, relocating from a number of regions of the sub-continent, qualified to NHS standards with a minimum level 5 English who are content to work as Care Assistants on a 36 month contract whilst obtaining their NMC Pin.

This offers an excellent long term source of both care assistants and nurses to help organisation meet their recruitment objectives in both the short and long term.

We manage the entire process from candidate sourcing in the country of source through to their arrival in the UK. Our agents in the country of origin undertake screening through a preliminary interview process including background checks appropriate to the country of source.

We arrange and deliver regular recruitment webinars, giving candidates a clear insight into the prospect of relocating to work in the UK to work in the Care sector.


More than 80% of nurses taking up care positions UK expressed their preference to remain in the care sector long term.

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