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  • Am I OK to do agency work in the same hospital that I’m working in for Harley Medical?
    No. It is not permitted for a health professional who is substantively employed by a hospital to undertake agency work in the same hospital.
  • Will I be able to with for Harley Medical part time whilst continuing my full time position?
    Yes. It is not unusual for Harley Medical nurses to top up their pay working with us alongside their full time jobs.
  • Do you employ nurses with only overseas training?
    Yes, although we only recruit nurses with a minimum of 6 months recent UK hospital experience. Required experience varies depending on specialty.
  • Is the registration and compliance procedure the same as for the NHS Framework?
    Yes. Our registration and compliance procedure follows all the guidelines of the NHS Framework procedures.
  • How quickly will I know if my application has been successful?
    All applicants will usually be notified by email within 36 hours of submitting their application.
  • Do you place other medical professionals as well as nurses?
    We mainly recruit nurses, midwives, ODPs and surgical first assistants.
  • What experience do I need?
    You will need a minimum of 6 months experience working in the UK as a general nurse. Experience requirements for specialist nurses and midwives will vary depending on area of speciality.
  • How do I register as a Harley Medical Nurse?
  • How do I register as a LastMinuteNurse?
    All nurses registered as a Harley Medical nurse are automatically eligible as a LastMinuteNurse.
  • Do I have to use the LastMinuteNurse app to apply for shifts?
    No. You will also be able to access and book shifts via the Harley Medical website members area.
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