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Harley Medical Services Ltd Referral Programme

Terms and Conditions

Eligibility: This programme is open to current employees of Harley Medical Nursing Services.

1. Earning a referral bonus:

You can earn a referral bonus by submitting a referral via the Harley Medical website referral page and you will be paid a referral fee of £300 as soon as the referred person has completed a minimum of 50 shift hours

for Harley Medical. You will then earn a further £150 for every subsequent referral.

2. Claiming your referral fee:

To claim your referral fee, simply email once your referred person has completed a minimum of 50 shift hours. They will need to have completed the 50 shift hours within ninety days of your referral. Please include the referral reference number provided with your referral confirmation email.

3. General terms

3.1 Please ensure the information provided on the referral form is accurate and correct at the time of submission.

3.2 Failure to provide accurate and correct information on the referral form will render your referral void.

3.3 Harley Medical Services Ltd cannot provide any information relating to a referred person under the terms of the Data Protection Act 2018, other than to confirm their completion of 50 shift hours.

3.4 A referral is not a guarantee of employment. Referred persons will be subject to our standard recruitment and compliance process and will need to meet our criteria for employment. All recruitment decision are made by Harley Medical Services at the sole discretion.

3.5 No referral fee will be paid for referred persons who do not meet our recruitment criteria and fail to secure employment with us.

3.6 There is no limit to the number of people you can refer.

3.7 Referral fees cannot be paid in part or split at the point of payment.

3.8 Employees who have previously worked for Harley Medical Services Ltd cannot be eligible as referred persons.

3.9 Healthcare assistants and nursing associates are not eligible for referral under this referral programme.

4. Referral fee

4.1 The fee will be paid directly to the referrer by electronic bank transfer within 14 days of the claim being made by the referrer, following the referred person completing the minimum required number of shift hours. 

4.2 An additional referral fee of £150 will be paid for each subsequent successful referral.

5. Disclaimer

5.1 Harley Medical Services Ltd reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions or terminate this programme at any time without notice or compensation.

Last updated: 08/08/2021

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